Ready or Not -- Spring Banquet Season is Coming

Are you concerned about your fundraising banquets for spring? Maybe you’re unsure about ongoing COVID restrictions, or, even if your state is unrestricted, whether important donors will show up for a live banquet?

Even if a live banquet is possible and goes off exactly as planned, can you leverage your fundraising banquet to expand your reach and connect with new supporters?

BanquetStream’s live-streaming service and virtual platform blows the doors off your venue and enables you to engage those supporters who are unable or unwilling to attend an in-person fundraising banquet event. BanquetStream also works as part of a hybrid event, alongside a live banquet. You can have the best of both worlds.

Live Banquet + Virtual Banquet = More Donors, Greater Fundraising, and a Wider Reach!

Combine your live banquet with a virtual banquet and you will increase your donor base, exceed your fundraising goals, and widen your reach.

Out of the chaos from the past two years, we learned virtual events will help you reach more potential donors, meet and exceed your fundraising goals, and have a shelf-life way past the date of your event.

Don't just take our word for it: listen to what our clients have to say:

What Our Clients Are Saying

 Reach More Donors

Working with BanquetStream was a delight. From start to finish they made the process of providing a cost-effective virtual banquet seamless, and we reached more potential donors than ever before.
Paul Marshall, Executive Director - Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Central New York, New Hartford, NY
We were very pleased with the program, and loved the chance to engage churches and donors in a new way, through watch parties with families, friends and youth groups. We even had one church rent a movie theater for viewing. Donations are still coming in and we hope the banquet replay will be used for more viewing in the future.
Jayme Paul - Liberty Women's Clinic, Liberty, MO

 Exceed Your Fundraising Goals

We exceeded our fundraising goal AND had a record breaking banquet for our center!
Erica Boone, Executive Director - ABC Pregnancy Center, Garden City, KS
It all resulted in the largest net income in our history. The investment in BanquetStream was worth every penny!
Gail Holmes, Executive Director - Resource Center for Pregnancy & Personal Health - Greely, CO
Our virtual fundraiser has more than exceeded my expectations. It has been a successful fundraising event for our center.
Jennifer Hemric, Executive Director - Compassion Care Center - Yadkinville, NC

 A Wider Reach

What a relief and blessing to have BanquetStream available to put together a high quality, easily accessible presentation to utilize over the course of several months, not just one time!
Breanne Hunt, MBA - Executive Director - Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic - Kirksville, MO
We continue to have watch parties scheduled and are more than 75% on the way to meeting our financial goal.
Ruth Joy Capozzi - Executive Director - Your Loving Choices, Inc. Bloomsburg, PA
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Benefits of BanquetStream

Focus On Your Team - We'll Take Care of the Rest


Easy: We handle nearly all of the process for you
Customizable: It's your event, so it should look like it
Keynote Selection: Choose from nationally-recognized pro-life leaders
Scalable: No limit to the number of new donors you can reach
Repeatable: Use "Watch Party" events to extend your reach through January


Viewing Experience: Top-quality production reflects your professionalism
Engagement: Repeat messaging before and after the streaming of your event
Easy: Easy for your guests to access your donation system
Convenient: Guests can't attend the event? They can watch later, and invite friends!

Reach More Donors!

What You Get

Virtual Event Landing Page

Your ministry gets its own landing page, based on your theme, with a live event countdown timer to remind guests when your virtual event kicks off. There, guests can get to know your keynote speaker through an intro video and bio, and discover the benefits of attending.

Host Chat

Enhance your virtual event with live host chat. You may not be able to be with your donors in person, but you can interact with them through host chat. With host chat, you can welcome donors to your virtual event just like you would in person.

Facebook Evites

Expand your virtual event guest list through Facebook evites. BanquetStream will create the Evite material and then use the power of friends lists to grow the size and diversity of your audience. Many people who would never attend a live banquet, will respond to a more casual invitation.

Guest Engagement

Your guests will register for your event on your virtual event landing page. You'll receive all registrants' names, email addresses, and even phone numbers (for all guests choosing to receive text message reminders). All communication will contain a link to your virtual event landing page.

Professional Production

Every part of your virtual event—from the welcome to the keynote address to the pledge and conclusion—is created in a professional studio using high-quality cameras and crystal-clear audio. Your event is put together by experienced video editors, making sure your guests are engaged from start to finish.


You can encourage generous giving by providing donor options. Whether guests want to use a traditional pledge card or e-giving they can access both from your event page.

Watch Parties

Unlike a traditional banquet, your virtual event doesn't stop. You can leverage your event by hosting watch parties for up to six months after your initial date. This will create additional outreach, more engagement, and increased support. Live Chat is available for watch parties.

Expand Your Reach!