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Dr. Marc Newman

Dr. Marc Newman - President, Speaker for Life and author of Contenders: A Church-Wide Strategy to Unmask Abortion, Defeat Its Advocates, Empower Christians, and Change the World.

Dr. Marc Newman is a demanding communication trainer, incisive pro-life apologist, galvanizing banquet keynoter, and, to unprepared students, apparently a terrifying university professor.

Marc is president of Speaker For Life, a training firm dedicated to equipping pro-life advocates and pregnancy help organization executives nationwide with public speaking skills; and CEO of SpeechRamp, a company changing the way colleges and universities teach public speaking.

Marc is the former Director of Speech and Debate at the University of California at Irvine, and taught in the doctoral program in the School of Communication and the Arts at Regent University. Along with Scott Klusendorf and John Ensor, he is a founding faculty member of the Applied Bioethics Program, which is moving to Cedarville University for the summer 2021 semester.

He’s appeared on Fox News and in Time magazine.

Marc recently relocated from North San Diego County in California to beautiful Eastern Tennessee with his wife, Sharon, and their youngest son, Joel.

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Kirk Walden

Kirk Walden - Pro-Life and Fundraising Speaker, Author of The Wall

A night with Kirk Walden is an evening filled with humor, challenge, vision and hope.

Kirk’s journey into pregnancy help ministry—where he has served for more than 25 years—leads through life as a sportswriter, professional golfer, and even nine years as a single dad.

Kirk is also author of The Wall, a book sweeping through the pro-life community with a powerful message—outlining a path to ending abortion as we know it in the next decade. His home on the web is

In addition to his speaking and writing, Kirk serves as an Advancement Specialist for Heartbeat International, the world’s largest affiliate network for the pregnancy help community.

When you hear Kirk, leave the challenges of the day behind and get ready to laugh with a speaker with whom everyone can identify.

In addition, be prepared for a surprising view on the true impact of pregnancy help ministries all over the country. If you are ready to create a true culture of life in America—Kirk brings a powerful perspective on how the battle will be won in this generation.

Kirk lives in Hendersonville, Tenn.—a Nashville suburb—with his wife Jennifer. They have five children, ranging in age from 30 to 10. Now there’s another story waiting to be told!

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Scott Klusendorf

Scott Klusendorf - President of Life Training Institute, Author of The Case for Life

Scott Klusendorf is President of Life Training Institute and the author of The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture. Scott has taught pro-life apologetics at the graduate level at Biola University and Trinity Law School, and lectured at over 80 colleges and universities including Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Johns Hopkins, MIT, and the U.S. Air Force Academy — to name a few.

Scott’s debate opponents have included Nadine Strossen (former President of the ACLU), attorney Edward Tabash (of the Council for Secular Humanism), attorney Kathryn Kolbert (who argued for abortion rights at the Supreme Court), and Katherine Kneer (President of Planned Parenthood California).

At the practical level, Scott helps pregnancy centers raise money to assist women facing unplanned pregnancies. The money raised helps women with shelter, baby clothes, parenting classes, and medical care.

Scott is a graduate of UCLA and holds a Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. He and his wife Stephanie have been married since 1985 and they have 4 children.

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Victoria Robinson

Victoria Robinson - Pro-Life Leader, Fundraising Speaker, and author of They Lied to Us

Victoria Robinson is an author, public speaker and pro-life leader, who's been on the national speakers' circuit for over twenty years. A highly-regarded voice in the pro-life movement, her speaking engagements take her around the world, sharing her expertise on the subject of abortion, the shift in culture, and how it’s affecting society today. She passionately encourages men and women suffering from a past abortion to seek out post-abortion counseling.

Victoria also co-hosts the podcast, Contagious Influencers of America, for Keep the Faith Radio, the #1 largest content radio station in the world. In her book, They Lied to Us, Victoria shares the stories of post-abortive women and how an abortion forever altered their lives. The book is now in its 4th printing.

For twenty years, she was the CEO of three separate pregnancy resource centers, where she counseled thousands of women who were contemplating abortion. Her own abortion story is featured in a Harmon Brothers Documentary, garnering well over 10 million streaming views to date.

Victoria is a sought-after guest on radio, television and podcasts aired around the world. She’s had numerous op-ed pieces published on various news sites, magazines and online content.

Victoria has been conducting post-abortion recovery retreats for over fifteen years to bring much needed healing to post abortive women and men. Throughout her career, she’s been determined to shift the paradigm regarding how others view the abortion issue by using facts, education, love, compassion and action -- never with pressure, condemnation, shame or guilt trips.

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John Ensor

John Ensor - President of PassionLife, Author of Pregnancy Crisis Intervention: What to Do and Say When It Matters Most

John is an ordained Evangelical pastor, who for the last 29 years has served as a leader in the pro-life movement as a speaker, author, mentor, and co-laborer. Currently, John serves as the President of PassionLife, a global missions partner to Christian leaders serving in countries where abortion, infanticide and gender-targeted abortion is especially concentrated..

He and his international teams teach the value of life using Scripture and science, train people to meet the guilt of abortion with the grace of the gospel, and introduce models of pregnancy crisis intervention. Starting in 1991, John led the effort in Boston to establish a network of six ultrasound-equipped pregnancy help centers..

In 2006, he joined Heartbeat International and piloted Heartbeat of Miami, a minority-led, ultrasound-equipped, pregnancy help ministry now serving amidst 30 nearby abortion business. It was while serving as Vice President of Heartbeat International that he began traveling to China and other countries plagued by abortion.

John is the author of 6 books on Christian faith and ethics, the latest of which is Pregnancy Crisis Intervention: What to Do and Say When It Matters Most, ((Hendrickson Publishers, 2019). He and his wife, Kristen, have been married for 42 years. They have three married children and three grandchildren. They live in Roswell, GA.

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Steventhen Holland

Steventhen Holland - Founder of Broken Not Dead Ministries. Author of The Journey: Brokenness to Wholeness

Steventhen Holland is an author, recording artist, passionate worship leader, motivational communicator, national pro-life speaker, and founder of Broken Not Dead Ministries.

His unrelenting passion to see brokenness transformed to wholeness was the foundation for Broken Not Dead Ministries! His life is the result of the gang-rape of an eighteen-year-old mentally challenged young woman. Incredibly, despite his mother's lack of intellectual ability, her homelessness, and a society that constantly pressured her to abort him: he survived. However, his mother couldn't care for him and placed him in foster care, where he was later adopted. He wouldn't be reunited with his birth mother for more than twenty-seven years. In his book, The Journey: Brokenness to Wholeness, Steventhen shares his amazing story.

Steventhen travels the country with a message of hope and restoration for the broken built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ! A courageous, inspired, and transformative speaker and worship leader for over fifteen years, Steventhen positively impacts audiences at events and venues across the nation.

In addition to speaking, Steventhen is a talented song writer and recording artist who has currently, released close to 20 songs. His inspirational music can be streamed and downloaded on all major digital music platforms, and so far has had an impact in over sixty countries.

He lives in Alabama, with his wife, Rachel and their three beautiful daughters, Isabella, Eliana, and Kadence.

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Jay Watts

Jay Watts - President of Merely Human Ministries, INC.

Jay is the Founder and President of Merely Human Ministries, INC., an organization committed to equipping Christians and people who hold pro-life views to graciously defend the intrinsic dignity of all human life in a positive, impacting and Gospel inspired manner.

He previously served at Cobb Pregnancy Services (now First Care Women’s Clinic) for three years as Development Coordinator and currently sits on the Board of Directors. His work there fostered a deep and continuing love for pregnancy centers. He also worked as a speaker and writer at LTI – Life Training Institute.

Jay has spoken to high schools, universities, and professional organizations all across the United States. He has been an invited speaker to dozens of universities including Harvard, UNC – Chapel Hill, and Loyola University Chicago to name only a few. He has been interviewed on radio and television, published popular level articles on a wide array of topics pertaining to bioethics and the university culture, and is a contributing writer to Christian Research Journal.

Jay lives in Marietta, GA with his wife and three children.

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